High End Luxury Market Property Outlook

There is a possibility that the high-end luxury market will soften soon. The government might be expressing its fear on the downward trend of the high-end luxury market demand because the government was quite fast in sending out press releases that the high-end market luxury prices in Singapore are still a bit lower than the prices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York, and Paris. Definitely, they made a research and compared the per square feet prices (psf) of the high-end luxury properties between nations.The expatriates residing in Singapore have been demonstrating keen interests on the high-end luxury properties market. This potential qualified foreign market for high-end luxury properties are comprised of high net worth foreigners who are investing in real estate properties to support their travel and business accommodations in Singapore. The usual areas classified as high-end luxury properties in Singapore the following:• Ardmore Park
• Grange Road
• Leonie Hill
• Oxley Road
• Patterson Road
• Botanica Garden Area
• St. Martin
• Balmoral
• Marina Bay
• Sentosa CoveThe new entrants to the high-end luxury markets are the Marina Bay and the Sentosa areas. The rest of the lists are the traditional District 9, 10, and 11 areas. In the coastal areas, one can still find high-end market luxury properties such as the Keppel Road and the Shenton Way. Although many are advertising as belonging or providing high-end luxury properties, not all areas really have the attributes befitting that of a high-end luxury property. This implies that potential buyers of the high-end luxury properties need to understand the characteristics attributed to a high-end luxury property in the area they are planning to buy and at least know the property trader or negotiator. It would be wise to know and identify the properties that were already classified and accepted as belonging to the high-end luxury property.High price volatility characterized super high-end Luxury real estate propertiesTiming is important when you plan to buy real property or other assets. The difference of the prices could range from $2,500 to as high as $4,000 psf. Rich people holding about $5 to $10 million of net assets may find that timing is crucial when investing in real estate super high-end luxury market properties. However, for people with about $20 to $100 million worth of net assets, they really wouldn’t care much about timing regardless of the purpose of the purchase. They still hold substantial holding power over their investments.

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